Lawyer 2Defend Your Trademark before the TTAB

If an opposition or cancellation proceeding has been filed against your trademark before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”) it is critical that you act quickly to defend your rights. You need a lawyer that specializes in both trademark law as well as litigation before the TTAB. Our TTAB Defense Package:

✔ Provides You with Representation by a Specialized ARN Attorney Experienced in Defending Cases before the TTAB.
✔ Proven to Effectively Resolve the Vast Majority of Cases Without Further Litigation.
✔ Includes the following all by a Specialized ARN Attorney(1) Initial Case Research; (2) Development of Case Theory and Defense Plan; (3) Entering and Appearance of Record on Your Behalf; (4) Filing and Answer and Grounds of Defense to the action with the TTAB; (5) Attendance at the Required Discovery Conference for all cases; (6) Negotiations to Resolve the Dispute in a Favorable Manner; (7) Initial Disclosures required by the rules; and (8) Status Reports to You Regarding the Status of the Case along the way.

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