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Maintain a Business

State Docs - Sized for SiteServices You Need to Run Your Business

Once your business is up and running you will need to maintain it with the state.  Keeping current with compliance deadlines is critical so that your business does not incur monetary fines or worse, be dissolved.

Additionally, your business should be run with a defined set of rules.  The name of these rules varies by type of entity. However, having Bylaws & Resolutions, Operating Agreements, or Partnership Agreements is not only recommended but is often required by state law to maintain a business in good standing and to ensure the same is run in the manner to afford all of the benefits that the entity structure offers to the owners, organizers, or partners.

At TTC Business Solutions we offer a host of services to run your business.  Below find a brief overview of the services we provide.

  • Business Compliance Calendar (1)

    Keep informed of compliance deadlines for your business using our Business Compliance Calendar.

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  • Registered Agent Services (1)

    A business is required to maintain a Registered Agent to receive service of process of lawsuits or official documents.

    TTC Business Solutions' Registered Agent Services designates our business as the entity charged with receiving service on your business’s behalf so you can concentrate on running your business.

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  • Annual Reports (1)

    Once organized or incorporated, a business must file Annual (yearly) or Biennial (every two years) Reports with the state to keep the business current.

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  • Entity Amendment (1)

    TTC Business Solutions' Entity Amendment Packages provide you with the ability to amend your entity to keep it current and compliant with the state.

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  • Dissolution (1)

    Should you ever need to close your business the entity should be formally dissolved with the state once all official business has been concluded.

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  • Bylaws & Resolutions Packages (1)

    Create the rules by which your Corporation will be run. TTC Business Solutions' Bylaws & Resolutions Package helps you to create your Corporation’s Bylaws & Resolutions.

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  • Operating Agreement Packages (1)

    Create the rules by which your LLC will be run. TTC Business Solutions' Operating Agreement Package helps you to create your LLC’s Operating Agreement.

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  • Partnership Agreement Packages (1)

    Create the rules by which your Limited or Limited Liability Partnership will be run.

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