January 10, 2018

TTC Business Solutions is proud to announce the addition of our new suite of Patent filing services.  Years in development, these services provide the perfect compliment to our existing suite of business, copyright, and trademark services designed to assist our consumers organize their businesses and protect their intellectual property.

The services range from patent clearance reports, filings, as well as responses to any refusals that may be issued against an application. With the addition of patent services our intellectual property suite of services for small businesses is now complete.

Most importantly, keeping with our business model these affordable patent services should open the door for small businesses and inventors alike to protect their patents at rates finally affordable to all.

To learn more about our patent services Click Here.

For questions on our patent or any of our other innovative products or services contact us at [email protected].

Lastly, look forward to more major innovations to be announced by TTC in the coming weeks!

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