November 28, 2017

TTC Business Solutions is proud to announce the release of its new trademark clearance software ClearTM.  The software is the next generation of innovative products and services from TTC’s PrometheusTM line designed to assist its consumers organize their businesses and protect their intellectual property.

Provided to all customers who purchase trademark clearance reports from TTC, the software provides information as to the availability of a trademark to be registered. Other software offerings on the market use basic “direct hit” technology to state, with various degrees of accuracy, whether a trademark is available. Often these competing options give you incorrect information as their logic simply fails to mirror how a trademark is viewed by a trademark professional. This can lead to delays in your applications, denials of trademark protection, and even litigation.

Our software parses hundreds of thousands of decisions by examining attorneys of trademarks to give you more accurate information than any other software on the market. The result, when you use ClearTM you will know, with confidence, if your trademark is available.

For questions on ClearTM or any of our other innovative products or services contact us at [email protected].

TTC Business Solutions