May 10, 2018

TTC Business Solutions is pleased to introduce Alan, the next generation of our advanced AI legal solutions. Alan uses the world’s largest AI platform to provide answers to common legal questions faced by small businesses. Currently, Alan‘s technology has been introduced in specific areas for our customers needing assistance with forming their businesses as well as various aspects of our patent and trademark solutions. As Alan‘s business intelligence grows, he will be integrated into a greater component of all of our solutions to more effectively, and efficiently, assist our consumers with their patent, trademark, and business needs. Ultimately, as his specific AI grows it will be integrated into a larger cognitive AI platform that will empower him to assist our customers on an unprecedented level in our industry.
Next up for Alan, specific integration into our business name and trademark availability services. Currently, some companies offer free trademark searches on their web sites to let consumers know if their trademark is available. The problem? These searches use outdated direct-hit technology that does not truly understand the state of the law in regard to whether a trademark is clear and thus induce consumers into thinking their trademark is available when, in fact, it is not.  On the other hand, customized search reports, although more accurate, can take hours or days to produce and then need to be read by a competent legal professional. Alan’s solution? Fully integrated AI technology that not only replicates the entire state business name availability and USPTO examination process but does so in seconds with results instantly available. In short, instant business name and trademark clearance at our consumers’ fingertips.
By continuing to advance the use of technology in our business TTC Business Solutions continues to support our core mission – providing cost-effective legal solutions for small businesses in the U.S. and around the globe.
For more information about any of our services, Alan, or our Prometheus AI Platform contact us at [email protected]