What Our Customers Say about TTC Business Solutions™

Don’t take our word for it.  Here are actual customer testimonials regarding our products and services.

5 Star - 100

“These people are awesome. They are true professionals and have helped my with multiple different business services in the past. I am happy and willing to recommend them if you need help with anything they offer.”

Dave H.

5 Star - 100“My experience with TTC business solutions was outstanding. They truly get what it means to practice world class customer service. [They] were very supportive and responsive to my inquiries, questions … on the complex area of submittals of trademarks for my company. Someone actually answers the phone at TTC and human to human communication versus endless voice mail call centers is so refreshing. They are professional and know their technical stuff! I recommend them highly for your business needs in this area. Keep up the great work!”

Larry B.

5 Star - 100

“Awesome experience. A great and reliable company. Would recommend for everyone!”

Izzy E.

5 Star - 100“TTC Business Solutions, LLC is a highly efficient company that is easy to work with. If you have an IDEA, or anything that you want to TRADEMARK, PATEN, or COPYRIGHT, this is your contact. Normal lawyers and other companies charge thousands, but TTC has a flat fee ( + any USPTO Government Fee ). They stay on top of the process, Coach you, and finish it. My son is a musician and wanted to Trademark his DIGITAL MUSIC “trademarks” and also Trademark Apparel ( T-shirts, hats, etc. ) and TTC handled it all for a single flat fee. I am not sure how they are able to charge such a low fee, when you compare what it costs to even speak to a lawyer ! Great Job … Team !”

Wayne L.

5 Star - 100“Great service, great communication and great prices they will not disappoint you … they will be doing all our work for sure … Thanks [TTC Business Solutions]…”

Joe C.

5 Star - 100“They are very fast and attentive. They called me shortly after I submitted a Trademark application to verify all of the details and ensure I had everything correct. They had the trademark submitted very quickly. I have used this company twice now and will use them again.”

Nathan B.

5 Star - 100

“Great service, fast communication. My friend recommended and I’m very happy with the service they provided.”


5 Star - 100“[T]he service is great and they are helpful they make it easy for me like its nothing to do … they are the best…”



Brian H., California

5 Star - 100“Very good service and very clear explanations of all the process, very fast answer and very easy for a non US resident like me.”

Luis G., Spain

5 Star - 100

“I needed to deal with something direct at the USPTO and TTC gave me what I needed to do that quickly and without fuss even though it meant they were not getting any business. They could have quite easily not been bothered to help. That’s what I call putting the customer first. Excellent service.”

Rob L., Florida

5 Star - 100“Courtney has been great to work with in securing USPTO trademark … and I recommend her for the Olympians project.

To put this in perspective, before finding Courtney’s company I worked with a patent attorney directly on another trademark application. Courtney was 3X faster, 1/3 the cost, and provided a far superior customer experience than working 1:1 with a patent attorney recommended by my CPA. I will use her for all my trademark needs going forward.”

Pat B., Wyoming

5 Star - 100

“My business relationship started with … TTC Business Solutions in 2013 when someone tried to steal and register our client’s unregistered trademark with the USPTO. TTC Business Solutions defense was quickly successful and they also registered the trademark for us with the USPTO. Our relationship continues today with other defenses of trademarks, over 15 trademarks currently in process with the USPTO and over 50 word or design trademarks successfully registered with the USPTO …

Exceptional value is the number one benefit you can expect with TTC Business Solutions… We find the research reports helpful as they let us know in a few days if a trademark will have little to no chance of being registered. This saves us the fees associated with the USPTO filings and more importantly several months of time waiting for the USPTO rejection…

Trademark filings are technical and sometimes there can be unexpected developments like third party oppositions to your trademarks so please remember you are not in this alone…

I recommend them to you for all of your trademark needs and wish you success with your trademark filing. I also want you to know that I am not being compensated in any way for my recommendation as I am doing this as a way of saying thank you … for all of their years of service to me and my clients.”

Steve O., Florida

5 Star - 100“I have had a great experience with TTC. When I began my Trademark I was very nervous. This journey is exciting and a bit stressful so when I spoke with Jessica Reynolds she did a great job helping me step by step. When she wasn’t available, other staff members were always helpful and there for me as well. I have learned a lot because of her and I feel much more comfortable for future trademarks. I would recommend anyone that is looking to get started with a Trademark Company to go with TTC. Your experience will be a great one.”

Kareem B., New York

5 Star - 100“Great customer service at a fair price. I have used this company to file multiple trademarks… they have been very helpful.”

Steve E., Florida

5 Star - 100“Thanks again and great job! I will recommend your company to anyone I think will be looking to trademark … Cheers…”

Rick S., New Jersey

5 Star - 100“Very helpful, fast communication, great services!!”

Tatiana L., Illinois

5 Star - 100“I just wanted to say that I have been looking for trademark help for months and I have been met with people not answering the phone at all, not calling me back or even after speaking with them multiple times not giving me the required information. You, on the other hand, have been on the ball through the whole process, just wanted to let you know I appreciate it and will be recommending your services from here on out.”

Cayce H., California

5 Star - 100“Thank you Jennifer for the news and great work you and your team always do!


Carlos A., Arizona

5 Star - 100
 “I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that I had a wonderful call with Paul today.  I have never trademarked anything before, so prior to the call, I really didn’t know the process and had a ton of questions.  Paul not only clearly explained everything in detail to me, but was patient with me, answering all of my questions.  He is very knowledgeable about the process and services offered by your [company], providing recommendations to me that I found very valuable. 

In doing my research to try and find a company that would assist me with the process, I found a ton of competitors in this space.  At this point, I am not only excited about the prospect of trademarking my workout, but also feel comfortable and confident that I made the right decision to use you to assist me in this process, because of my call with Paul.”

Kara D., New York

5 Star - 100“I want to thank Courtney . . . Courtney was very knowledgeable, professional and personal. She had my best interest at heart and I’m so thankful that I went with [you] to finish the process of my trademark. Courtney is an asset to your company and because of her, I will refer your company to my many friends. Thank you.”

Rodney H., Oklahoma 

5 Star - 100“Much praise, many thanks and high regards for Courtney. My wife and I are very glad she was assigned to us …”

Jim and Kathy V., Oklahoma 

5 Star - 100“You are the only one[s] that will go [the] extra steps to help me and my clients, and I want you to know that [I] truly appreciate all of your efforts… feel free to share this email … and I am sure [your] other … clients feel the same way as me.”

Steve O., Florida

5 Star - 100“Thank you and the rest of your team for your professionalism. You made this a great experience for me. I will strongly endorse you … Please feel free to use this endorsement/testimonial however you wish… With much gratitude and respect…”

Bill C., Colorado

5 Star - 100“Just heard from my acquaintance Jay [Last Name Omitted] that he followed through on my recommendation to call you re. his multiple trademark issues (new ones and opposition issue). He was impressed, as I knew he might be!”

Chris P., Hawaii

5 Star - 100“You are wonderful.”

Robin S., New York

5 Star - 100“Thank you so much for your personal attention and service. It is above and beyond what I expected with an online legal agency.” 

Kait H., New Jersey

5 Star - 100“Thanks for all your patience along the way.  I’ll be sure to continue to use and recommend your services, you guys have gone above and beyond to be helpful and provide me with answers to all my questions.”

Chris K., Michigan

5 Star - 100“I appreciate your great service.”

Larry I., California

5 Star - 100“I own several business ventures.  Every day, I stress to my employees, the importance of communication and Customer Service.  Beginning with [your] email yesterday afternoon and now your message this morning, please know, that your company will certainly be used in my discussions as to the proper means of both…

Very much appreciate the service…”

Ron D., Texas

5 Star - 100“Thanks … Very happy with your [company’s] prompt service and getting things done …”

Kenny V., Florida

5 Star - 100“Many Thanks for your follow up and attentiveness… your support and reminders made a huge difference and I appreciate it very much.” 

Chatone M., Washington

5 Star - 100“Our daughter Chandra and I are sooooo happy today…  Please send lots of business cards so that I can share… Have a great day! You all made our day!”

Barbara C., Michigan

5 Star - 100“I am very happy and satisfied with your professional assistance and so, I would like to say thank you…”

Carlos M., Columbia